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To the Radiation Oncology Community:

Starting in August 2021, we will be launching an exciting 12-month project on target delineation.

The Mission. We aim to build an international community who share a passion for enhancing the standard of care for cancer patients. The community will do monthly, anonymous contouring exercises and the data aggregate will be used to quantify variation, compute consensus contours, and then present and discuss results in a creative public forum. The ultimate goal is to not only to collectively improve our skills but also to develop a library of gold standards built by “the wisdom of the crowd.”

Your Role as Participant. Each month, a new image set will be provided to all participants along with a specific set of clinical target volumes and key organs-at-risk to contour. You will be able to draw your contours at your convenience (and from anywhere, with any computer or laptop) using ProKnow’s fully cloud-based RT-PACS software.

Monthly Presentation of Results. Each month, we will assemble a team to hold a live, virtual talkshow to reveal – then discuss – the results with an expert panel. All participants can attend live and submit questions. Each meeting will then be published as a podcast on YouTube.

Other Perks of Participation. Resulting consensus data will be made available to interested participants for benchmarking human performance or as an input for AI/deep learning-related research. In addition, participants will enter regular raffles for a gift card or fun prize for each case contoured!

If interested, register here and an email will be sent to you once the challenge begins. We look forward to having you on the team and the incredible things we will accomplish together!


Erin Gillespie, Dave Fuller, Ben Nelms, and the C3RO Team

This project is supported by an Elekta research grant and powered by ProKnow.