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Just wanted to say that you do phenomenal work. Thank you! The cases are thorough, accurate, evidence-based (with references!) Studying for my board exams is significantly more pleasant with eContour by my side.

MD (resident) @ University of Manitoba, Canada

I love eContour! Great resource.

MD, PhD @ Trumbull Memorial Hospital

This is an incredible website! I have really found it useful, thank you for all your hard work!

MD @ Loma Linda University

eContour is a great resource and I use it to assist with contouring, particularly for disease sites that I don't contour frequently.

MD @ Ohio Health

Great work! Program is very helpful in clinical planning.

MD @ St. Peter's Health Partners

I'm a MD radiation oncology student in India. We are very eager to learn contouring but none helps finally I got your site. It's unbelievable. Superhit. Very helpful. It's a gift for radiation oncology doctors in India.

MD (resident) in India

Great job with eContour! I am a resident radiation oncologist at Radiotherapy Deparartment in Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre in Warsaw Poland. I enjoy and learn a lot from eContour. It is a great opportunity to compare my knowledge with your cases!

MD (resident) @ Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre in Poland

This is a valuable tool. Thanks for the effort of putting it together and sharing with the community.

Senior Physicist, Clinical Coordinator @ MSK

Would like to thanks you for the great effort, its really very useful and practical.

MD @Cairo University in Egypt

I am a medical officer in training in Myanmar. This is my first year in radiation oncology and I was previously struggling to get through the process of contouring target volumes until I met your website. You guys make my life a lot easier and really given me an edge in the contouring game. And thank you very much for the reference and pearls as well. You guys are the best. If you guys ever made it to Myanmar, please let me know..

MD @ Pinlon Cancer Centre in Myanmar

I just wanted to let you know how much e contour has helped me its amazing. I also recommended it to all my class and they all use it now.


I really like your site. Keep up the great work!

MD (resident) @ Henry Ford Hospital

Erin, You and your eContour team have once again delivered! The timing was perfect, Russian radiation oncologists were introduced to your breast volumes during the workshop, and I am sure will continue to go back to eContour on daily basis in their clinical practices. Some ideas, programs, apps - forever change life - like Uber, Facebook, google maps. eContour is THAT program for radiation oncologists, and for physicians in Russia and other countries without formal training, your program single-handedly improved the quality of RT delivery to Russian patients. Thank you! Tim


Thank you for your most useful contouring guide.

MD in Thailand

Just stumbled onto your website today – love the concept.

Radiation Therapist @ Mid North Coast Cancer Institute

I love the website. As a dosimetrist, I have so helpful and has served as a great learning tool.

Medical Dosimetrist

I love your site!

MD (resident) @ Temple University

I can't describe in words the help we students of radiation oncology get from your website, You have become GOD for me by creating such a useful website. It tells me about true contouring. By creating this site, you have saved billions of cancer patients' lives, by teaching us true contouring. I will be obliged to you for my whole life.

MD (resident) in India

You have made such a great website that your names will be remembered in history. You all are genius. You have saved millions of cancer patients lives by this contouring. Kudos! Bravo!

MD (resident) in India

Thank you for your amazing resource, love using it!

University of California, Irvine

I am so happy joining the eContour website. It is so useful and I am sure there are many out there that agree with me.

Clinical Fellow, Univeristy of Toronto

I have just started having a look at eContour and it looks so fabulous! Easy to use, clear, accessible! Thank you so much. Providing this detailed information free, so it's available to everyone is so perfect and inline with how I want the world to work. I just wanted to express my thanks.

Radiation Therapist at Radiation Oncology Victoria

Great work guys to have this kind of website, really helpful for students like us. Excellent resource for me sitting for exams.

Medical student

Great job in creating this e-contouring website.

MD (resident) @ Medical College of Wisconsin

Great website. Really appreciate the work you have put in.

MD @ Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University

Thanks a lot. Its great. Your efforts are great.

MD @ Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in India

I would like to congratulate you on such a great reference.

MD @ Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Your website seems to be a wonderful resource for residents like me.

MD (resident) in India

Thank you for the website and all the helpful information you guys have provided.

MD Radiation Oncology

Just wanted to congratulate you! This looks really great. Looking forward to the interactive features as well.

Faculty, Department of Radiation Oncology @ UPenn

Thank you so much for this really great tool – I enjoy it very much ! It´s a wonderful aid in my everyday radiotherapy-planning, better than every book! Excellent!

Faculty @ University of Regensburg

Love this website. Can't describe enough how useful this has been so far jarring my memory back after being on a yr of research as a PGY4. Thanks.

MD (resident) @ Northwell

I love the eContour website. It has been very useful. Thank you for all your work.

Medical Dosimetrist @ South Georgia Medical Center

I finally got a chance to explore eContour and go through a few cases. I have to say, probably the best radiation oncology resource I've seen! Thanks for all your hard work in making this possible.

Radiation Oncologist, SC

I just want to say that your website ( is super amazing. I love it! It helps me a lot, it’s perfect…

MD (resident) in Iraq

This looks incredible. There was a vendor at ASTRO this year selling software, however the price tag was outrageous. I think this is a superior product, and free! Thanks you for developing this!

This site is better than great. It is phenomenal. The ability to reference my work to the work of others in the field is great. The level of interaction on this site is very beneficial. Exponentially better than looking at PDF's of screenshots. It's very obvious that a tremendous amount of work has gone into offering us this tool. Thanks guys!!